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Introduce sultural sightseeing
of Boeun.

The scenic area covering 43.9km which links mountain ridges from Songnisan mountain to Goobyeongsan mountain had been called among mountaineers as "Chungbuk Alps".
Its 'Business Emblem" was registered at the Patent Office on April 4, 2000. This area contains scenic views more beautiful than the European Alps and Goobyeongsan in which virgin forest is still preserved, to say nothing of Beopjusa founded by Eusin Josa during the king Jinheung era of Silla, and a number of National Treasures and other treasures.

Around here, at Sinjeong-ri, you can enjoy yellow soil bath. Yellow soil bath proved to be very effective in acceleration of blood circulation, prevention of aging, disinfection effect, acceleration of cell activity, anti-inflammatory effect, detoxification, absorption of waste materials, and improvement of reproductive power.