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I welcome you with my whole heart for visiting Boeun-Gun hompage.

Boeun is proud of superb natural views such as the Songnisan National Park, one of the 8 Wonders of Nature in Korea, and the 'Chungbuk Alps', the most scenic mountain track course in Chungbuk province. Boeun also has various cultural relics ? the Beopjusa temple which is the more than 1,000 year old temple of the Silla dynasty, and one of the 5 temples of Korea; the Samnyeonsanseong which is the typical stone wall of Korea; the House and Literature Hall of O Jang Hwan who was a leading poet in the 1930s Korea. Boeun is the place where history, culture, nature, and man live together.

I wish you visitors can get more information about Boeun through this homepage. Encouraged by your active cooperation and participation, I will devote myself to make Boeun a better community and jump to a brighter future.

For the Boeun-gun, I would like to ask you consistent love and interest.

Thank you

mayor of boeun-gun Jeong Sanghyuk Mayor of Boeun Gun