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Yellow Soil Jujube

BoeunYellow Soil Jujube

Yellow Soil Jujube
  • Boeun, located in the hillside of Songrisan mountain, with its long daylight, fertile soil, and big temperature difference between day and night. is the most suitable site for growing jujube. Jujubes are very high in sugar content, and of high quality.
  • Boeun jujube were cited as the best in various books of the Joseon dynasty such as Domoondaejak by Heo Gyun, Sejongsilok Jiriji, and donggok Yeoji Seungram, etc. Heo Gyun described Boeun jujube as follows: "Jujube produced in Boeun the most delicious and the biggest. The shape is pointy, color is red, and taste is sweet." It is full of mineral matters and stamina food. Contains abundant vitamin, saponin, and alkaloid, it is also known to be helpful for longevity, with strengthening of capillary vessels, and treatment and prevention of cerebral hemorrhage and high blood pressure.
  • It has good medicinal action including tonic function, fatigue recovery, antidote and antifebrile actins. It is also useful as material for Korean traditional medicine.
  • Boeun jujube was supplied to the Blue House.

Use for yellow soil jujube

Jujube is the first fruit for ritual food. Raw jujube is favored as snack and side dish with liquor, and is used for making cake, food, and medicine. It is used for various foods — jujube tea, jujube liquor, jujube steamed fish, jujube vinegar, jujube soup, jujube Korean cake, jujube rice, jujube soybean paste, jujube hot-pepper paste.