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Yellow Soil Rice

BoeunYellow Soil Rice

Yellow Soil Rice
  • High-quality rice variety is selected and grown in clean water and fertile yellow soil. Compost is used as much as possible. Since its quality is strictly controlled and processes sanitarily in the Rice Comprehensive Treatment Center, the rice can be cooked without washing it.
  • Boeun Yellow Soil Rice is full of tianin, niacin, vitamin, and essential amin0 acids. It has low calory, and tastes good because it has low contents of protein and fat.
  • Gold Warehouse Rice is lustrous and hard, and when it is cooked, it is glutin0us and tastes good. In Joseon era, it was supplied to the king.
  • The highest proportion of it is carbohydrates (78%). It also contains minerals, phosphorus and calcium. It is being sold in wholesale markets and n0nghyup Hanaro Clubs in metropolitan cities including Seoul.
  • Boeun Yellow Soil Rice was awarded the silver prize in high quality part at the 10th National Rice Festival and Korean Rice Consumption Promotion Meeting.
  • Boeun Yellow Soil Pond Snail Rice is high-quality certified rice, which is produced using grevia.